About CAC


We started Combat Against Cancer for many reasons: to make a difference, to raise awareness, and to help those in need fight the toughest battle of their lives… cancer!

The nature of the disease is emotionally and physically challenging. If that wasn’t enough, patients are also burdened with significant diagnostic and treatment costs. We are diligently raising money for those patients who are in need of financial support.

This organization was founded for ALL the cancer patients and their families who are in the fight of their lives, C.A.C pledges to mitigate some of the diagnostic and treatment costs so they can focus on what’s important – getting better.

Combat Against Cancer was founded in 2008 by five University of California(Davis) Alumni, who came together to advocate for a cause very important to them: cancer treatment costs for low income, under-insured and uninsured patients.

 Combat Against Cancer (from left to right: Rita Nieu, Neha Sareen, Shubhra Sinha, Tejal Desai, Natasha Singh, Harvinder Kooner).